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After Hamd and Salwat all praise unto the One and the Unequalled (Wahdahu Lashareek) and for the Possessors of Wahdahu Lashareek.

The city of knowledge, Prophet Mohammed SW said "When innovations in the religion spreads in my Ummah it is the responsibility of the Aalim (Scholar) to make his knowledge evident and one who does not do so he is cursed by Allah". He continued. "Whoever goes to these innovators in religion or respects them is like trying to spoil Islam. Ameerul Momineen AS said "Innovator in religion (Bidatti) is the one who has abandoned Prophet SW Sunnah"

Nobody should assume that this Hadiths are only for Alims. This a fact that I am not an Alim or claiming to possess complete knowledge but to the extent of what is written herewith. When I saw that false (Batil) has raised its voice against my religion then it became imperative for me to show the truth (Haq) and save myself from Allah's curse.

If the people had read this verse of Quran carefully then they would not have unsuccessfully tried to incite innocent believers against Allah and towards Satan's religion. God in His eloquent words said

La ikraha fee addeeni qad tabayyana arrushdu mina alghayyi faman yakfur bittaghooti wayumin billahi faqadi istamsaka bilAAurwati alwuthqa la infisama laha wallahu sameeAAun AAaleem

2:256 Let there be no compulsion in religion: Indeed, Guidance stands out clear from aberrancy: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath without doubt grasped the strongest rope that never breaks. And Allah is Listener and knower of all things.

Thus by this verse it is clear that there is no compulsion in religion and we have been ordered to grasp the strongest rope. For more clarification sake there is a narration of Imam Raza (AS) that "Wilayath is only the true religion".

Against this true religion these infidels i.e. Mujtahids are giving presumptuous fatwas for creating trouble, dissention, confusion and to split the believers. They are giving fatwas against Aliyanwaliullah, Blood shedding in the Lamentation of Imam Hussain AS and also boycotted Mujaddid-e-Mazhab-e-Haq, Sarkaar Riyaz-ul-Millat, Siqattul Islam, Siraaj-ul-Ulema, Alhaaj o Zawwaar Moulana Syed Riyazuddin Hyder Jaffery Aalallaho Muqaamahu. The boycott was not only social but financial and religious also; this was because he has supported Aliyanwalliullah AS. When their tyranny reached its height the followers of Mujtahideens brutally murdered Late Sarkar-e-Riyaz-ul-Millat's student and son, Aalam-e-Deen, irreplaceable Zakir Saele-e-Babul Ilm, Shaheed-e-Rahe Haq Alhaaj o Zawwar Moulana Syed Taqiuddin Hyder Jaffery Aalallaho Muqamahu while he was on his way to address a Majlis of Imam Hussain AS. For spreading the true religion I was also falsely implicated in various police cases, Alhamdolillah and by the grace of 14 Infallibles AS I got discharged respectfully.

For all those who are Usooli or those belonging to any other sect or religion and for murderers and enemies of Imams (AS) Here is the prayer of the Prophet SW after the announcement of the succession of Ali AS "O Lord befriend those who are friends of Ali AS and keep enmity with them who are enemies of Ali AS and sent curse on him who rejects Ali AS and sent your wrath on him who deny the rights of Ali AS".

Having complete faith in Prophets prayer and Allah's promise, assigning all the murderers and enemies of Ahlebait (AS) to Allah, "Be Abi Antum Wo Ummi Wo Nafsi Wo Ahli Wo Maali ". I offer my parents, my life, my family, my wealth and "Nusrati Lakum Moaddatun" my support to Him. As proof of my oath for supporting Moula(AS) and sacrificing for Him, I pray to Allah "Ya Ilahi Wa Sayyaydi Wo Maulaya Antutimma Li Zalika Wala Taslubnihe Hatta Tatawaf Faani Ala Zalika Wa Anta Anni Raazin Fa Innaka Ahaqqul Mun-e-Mina Antutimma Nemataka Alayya ". "O my Lord and Master, take this oath to its conclusion, let it not separate from me such that I die on it when you are pleased with me because You have the most right among the bestower of blessings (nemat), as You have bestowed Your blessings on me.

For demand of love towards Moula Ali Ibne Abi Talib(AS) and with unfailing intention my endeavors to present true religion Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Akhbari to all the momineen are continued.

Rasool (SW) saying is: "Man Ahabba Aliyan Faqad Ahabbani Wa Man Abghaza Aliyan Faqad Abghazani ". " Love for Ali (AS) is actually love for Nabi(SW) and enmity of Ali(AS) is enmity with Nabi(SW). And Rasool(SW) also says " Le Ali-in Hubboka Eemaanun Wo Buqzoka Nifaaqun WO Awwaloman Yatqulul Jannata Mohibboka Wa Awwalo Man Yatqulin Naaro Mubghazoka ". "Love for Ali (AS) is Imaan and enmity with Ali (AS) is Nifaaq." Thus he who is a friend will enter paradise first and he who is an enemy will enter hell first.

Another saying of Masoom(AS) is : "At Taarekuna Wilatato Ali-in Al Munkeruna Be fazlehi Qaarejuna Minal Islam" "one who rejects wilayat-e-Ali(AS) and praise of(Fazilat) Ali(AS), he is ousted from Islam. Keeping in view all these ahadees it is compulsory on all the momineen to differentiate between truth (Haq) and false (Batil). But this is very tough as only a clean born (Halali) can do it. This order is not related to intellect but heart. Masoom(AS) says: "Al Aqlo Noorun Fil Qalbe Yufraqo Behi Bainal Haqqe Wal Baatile" "what is called Aql (intellect) is a light(Noor) in the heart by which differentiation between right(Haq) and wrong(Batil) is done. Whose heart is made of Holy material (Faazil-e-Teenath) he can only accept wilayat, its apparent proof is Ghadeer. Out of a crowd of 1.25 lakhs, majority was of those saying La-ilaha illallah, Mohammed (SW)-er-RasoolAllah and only 18 were found who possessed intellect i.e. their heart were alighted by Faazil-e-Teenath, hence they accepted Wilayat, and those who did not have Aql i.e. their hearts were not made of Faazil-e-Teenath like Haris bin numan al fahri who asked Rasool(SW) "is this order from you or Allah?", when this is that Prophet(SW) who said "Annal Nabiul Mustafa Mayantaqo Be Fazle Ali-in Anil Hawa Inhua Illa Wa Haiyun Yuha" "I am that messenger who never speak about Ali Ibne Abi Talib(AS)'s excellence (Fazilath) until I receive 'Wahi' from Allah".

For the love of true religion, after this preliminary talk, I will come back to my main topic as I in the beginning copied Allah's saying "to catch strong rope which is not going to break" we should not exact its explanation by our deficient intellect but it is every Kalema reciter's duty is "Hual Lazi Anzala Ilaikal Kitaaba Minho Aamatun Mohkamatun Hunna Ummul Kitaabe Wauqaaru Mutashabehatun Faammal Lazina Fi Qulubehim Saighun Fa Yattabeuna Ma Tashabeha Minhub Teghaal Fitnate Wabtegha-a Taawilehi Wama Ya'aalamo Taawilahu Ilallah War Raasequna Fil Ilme Yaquluna Aamanna Behi Kullum Min Inde Rabbena Wama Yazzakaru Illa Ulul Arbaab" (sura-e-alimran, 7) " He is the one who has sent His book to you, few of whose Ayats are clear and apparent and those are the essence(Asl) of that book and some Ayats are ambiguous and those with impure hearts they to cause mischief and to attain there own object follow these ambiguous Ayats, though there real meaning is known only to Allah and those who are strong in knowledge(ilm) they say we believe in them and that each one is from our God except for possessers of Aql(intellect). No one will gain benefit/advice (nasiyat) from them.

Tafseer-e-kaafi and tafseer-e-ayashi, it is narrated from Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq(AS) "Wa Uqaru Mutashabehatun" (ambiguous)'s explanation is that "Mohkemaatun" refers to Janabe Amirul Momineen (AS) and Aimme Masoomeen (AS) and Mutashabehatun refers to so and so.

In kaafi and Tafseer-e-Ayashi, it is narrated from Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (AS) that "Rasequna" means "We and We are aware of its complete explanation". In Ehtejaaj-e-Tabresi, it is narrated from Janabe Amirul Momineen (AS) as "Allah's mercy is extensive and He is very benevolent towards His creatures and He knew that those who change will make alterations in His words, He divided/classified His words into three kinds, one of the kind is such that Knowledgeable and illiterates both know it, one kind is that only those comprehend it whose minds are clean, sense is fine, discretion is correct and whose chest Allah has opened to understand Islam's excellence and other kind is one which no one can know except for Allah, Anmbiya and Rasekhoona Fil Ilm. And Allah has done this because those wrong people (Ahle baatil) who will wrongfully usurp Rasool(SW)'s property should not be able to claim to possess knowledge of the book in which Allah really had not fixed any part for them. On the contrary, those whom Allah made His "Wali", Allah was accused for Their obedience and they felt proud on the strength of people joining in the help and support, they openly opposed Allah and His Rasool(SW) for gaining position and became atheist(munkir). When they were asked questions about the knowledge of the Book (quran), they became troubled and worried, and approached Them to get their solutions and for their own purpose made Them their Master.

In view of this Ayat and Tafseer,it is our duty to ask for its explanation from Allah and Rasequna Fil Ilm. Hence Allah says "Wa atesumu be hablillahe jamian wala tafarraqu waskaru nematillahi alaikum iskuntum aada'an faallafa bayna qulubekum fa'as behtum benematehi aqwana" "And all you firmly hold Allah's rope and not do separation, and keep remembering Allah's blessings for you that you were an enemy but He filled your hearts with love, and you because of His blessings will remain brothers.

In Tafseer-e-Qummi, "Ba hablillahe" (Allah's rope) means Tauheed and Wilayat.

In Tafseer-e-Ayashi, Janab-e-Imam mohammed Baqer (AS) narrates that Aale Mohammed (AS) is that strong Allah's rope, and in this Ayat Allah is ordering everyone to attach themselves to this rope. Be hablim minal lahe wa hablim minan naase (Sura-e-Aale Imran, 113).

In Tafseer-e-Ayashi, Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (AS) says "Hablim Minnallah" refers to Allah's book and Hablim Minnan Naas" refers to Ali Ibne Abi Talib(AS).

In view of these Ayat, it is proved that "Be hablim minal lahe wa hablim minan naase "refers to Allah's book and Ali Ibne Abi Talib(AS). And in this Ayat it is also written that distance from these two is disgrace and closeness to them is Allah's shelter. And if you want to be save from disgrace and infamy, and want to come under Allah's shelter like Allah says in this hadees-e-qudsi: - "Wilayat-o-Ali Ibne Abi Talib(AS) Hisni Faman Daqala Hisni Faqad Amena Min Azaabi".

Wilayat of Ali Ibne Abi Talib(AS) is my fort, whoever enters it, will be safe from My wrath.

"Hablim Minnallah" refers to Tauheed and Wilayat and moreover God is declaring it to be a blessing, and whoever is bestowed with this blessing is our brother. From this Ayat it has been ascertained that this refers to Allah's book and Ali (AS).

If these so called shia usooli mujtaheds and their followers had sound mind or wisdom (aql-e-saleem), then they would have thoughtfully consider that Allah's book and Masoom(AS)'s sayings are Hujjat and not presumptuous fatwe(their opinion) of mujtahedins. Hence Imam Mohammed Baqir(AS) said "whoever gives fatwa from their own opinion in religious matters, he has worshipped Allah by an affair(amr) he does not know about, and in his ignorance, made Allah's religion, his opinion. One who does this opposes Allah, decides about Halaal and Haraam by himself.

"Fa ammal lazeenas waddat wujuhuhum akafartum ba da emanekum fazuqul azaba bema kuntum takfuroon"(Sura-e-Aale Imran, 106). "Then for those whose faces will be blackened (they will be told that), did you not, after bringing faith (Imaan) became atheist? So the way you used to deny, (likewise) get punished for it.

In Tafseer-e-Majmaul Bayaan, it is narrated by Amirul Momineen (AS) that this refers to those people from the Ummath, who spread 'Biddath'(changes and innovations) in Allah's religion and introduced their incorrect opinions, and made 'Masael'(precepts) by their self desires.

Sarkar-e-Hurre Aamli (ra) says: "La yajuzul amale bir raii walaz zanni fi nafsil ehkamish shariyatis sabitate umuman au qususan walal ijtihadi wala beqoule ghairil masoomil lazi laisa fihe nassa anhum alaihimussalam" "In religious orders it is not correct to act on opinion and presumption whether those orders are general or specific, neither Ijtehad is legal and it is also not correct to act upon any fallible's saying until it has not been proved correct by saying or action of Infallibles (Nas-e-Masoomeen A.S). In view of this truth to save the orphans of this community for being orphaned, intellectual and quotations from Infallibles (Naqli) proofs are continuously being given. Like a shayer from Hyderabad said: -

Wajood-e-Haq se ye saara nizaam qayam hai Kisi ke faiz se ye intezaam qayaam hai,

Wo aur honge yateemane mazhab o millat Hamare sar par hamara Imam Qayam(AS) hai.

Janab-e-Rasool(SW) said: " that orphan who is deprived of being brought up by his parents, his orphan ness is not that important as of that orphan who has been excluded from his Imam(AS)'s blessings and does not have the power to reach his Imam(AS), he does not know what Imam(AS)'s decision is about those religious orders he has grown up with. These are also orphans of Aale Mohammed (AS). Be informed, that person among our shias who is a scholar of our uloom (religious Knowledge) this orphan of ours is in his lap, who will show him our path and who will tell him Our status and explain him Our ordinance (shariyat). He will be with Us in high position.

Hazrat Imam Mosiye Kazim(AS) said : " A person knowledgeable about Our religion who from among those shia orphans of ours who are saperated from us and deprived of Our 'ziarat', even if he fulfills the religious needs of any one such orphan then he is, for satan more unpleasant than 1000 worshippers because worshipper's strength is advantageous for his own self but this scholar(Aalim)'s strength (Himmat ) benefits not only his own self but Allah's servants and maids. He pulls out these men and women from satan and his army's trap. Hence, this scholar, for Allah, is better than 1000 devotees (men) and thousand and thousand devoted women.

In the light of these sayings of Masoomeen(AS), if any person after viewing our website becomes inflamed and uses indecent words then it will be understood that he is Iblees(satan).

More so it is necessary to warn momineen about satan's war place and his characteristics. Satan sits on Aalim's doorstep, not mujtahid's. Satan means one who takes Aql, qiyas(guess work) as hujjat(proof). Hazrat Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (AS) said: "Shia ulema(scholars) are standing on those borders where Iblees(satan) and his army are standing to fight. These shia scholars stop satan's army from attacking less knowledgeable shias and they ward off Iblees and his supporters and Our enemies (nasebies). Remember that person who does his duty and is ever ready to ward of Our enemies, he is more excellent than ten lakh mujahedin of Rome, Turkey and Jazar because this person wards off for saving Our shia's religion and they fight to save people's bodies.

Before viewing and reading differences in mujtahedeens fatawas and what Masoom(AS) saying is on it, I offer some more ahadees for my learned viewers and readers. I request you before reading these ahadees of Masoomeen(AS), for the sake of 14 Masoomeen(AS) for sometime shun mujtahid's love from all your senses, have pity on yourself, consider thoughtfully, to which end these mujtahedeens are taking you.?

Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin(AS) said : " For the general killings, capital punishment(blood for blood) is there but one murder is bigger than all these and whoever gets murdered this way, there will be no reparation for him and he will never get life." People asked Moula(AS), "which murder is that?" Hazrat (AS) replied, this is that where one is mislead about Mohammed-e-Arabi(SW)'s grandeur and from Hazrat Ali(AS)'s glory and wilayat. Thus this murder is such that, the murderer and victim both will go to hell and remain there forever and ever.

Note: - Masoom(AS) saying in this hadees that there will be no reparation for the murderer and the victim meaning murderer is one who gives fatwa against wilayat and orders of Masoomeen(AS) and the victim is one who acts upon such fatwa. Place for both of them is hell (hell is abode for both of them). It is amazing to see such shia people who accepts fallible as there 'hukm', Imam, Naib-e-Imam, Hujjatul Islam, etc, In religious orders when it is strictly prohibited to do so.

See this "Fareeqan hada wa fareeqan haqqa alaihimuz zalalato innahumut taqazush shayateene auliya ae min doonil lahe wa yahsabuna annahum mohtadoon" (sura Al Aeraaf, 30): - "one group has been given guidance and one group is in that condition wherein they going astray have been proved. Without doubt they left God and has befriend satan and think that they are guided ones."

In Ilal us sharai, Imam Mohammed Baqer (AS) narrates that this Ayat tells us about those who have left true Imams and has made others their Imam.

"Wa qaala innamat taqaztum min doonil lahe ausaanan mawaddata bainekum fil hayatid duniya summa youmal qeyamate yakfuru bazukum bebazinw wa yalano bazokum bazan wama wa kumun naaro wama lakum min nasereen" (Sura-e-Ankabut, 25) "And they said, only that you having left Allah in your worldly life, with regard to love among yourself, accepted idols. Then on the judgement day you will make each other kafir(infidel) and each one of you will curse each other and your place will be hell, and there will be no one to help you".

In Tafseer-e-Saafi, 'Yal ano Baazokum Baaza', means that this is addressed to infidels, that you will be cursing each other or you will call those idols bad, whom you used to worship and they will call you bad. In Kaafi Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) narrates: -, "except our shias, all the other sects who made for themselves, Imams in this world on the Day of Judgment shall come in such a way that their Imams would be cursing their followers and the followers will be cursing their Imams".

"Am hasibtum an tutraku walamma yalamil lahul lazina jahadu minkum walam yattaqezu min doonil lahe wala rasoolehi walal momeneena walija wal laho qabirun bema tamaloon" (Sura-e-Tauba, 16) "what! Do you think that you will be left alone while Allah has not yet known those of you who have struggled hard and have not taken any one as an adherent besides Allah and His Messenger and the believers; and Allah is aware of what you do". [9:16]

Tafseer Al momeneen, tafseer khummi and Kafi:

Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) says, "In this Ayat Momeneen refers to Progeny of Mohammed (SW) and that is Infallible Imams (AS)".

Walijah (Deputy): -In Kaafi while commenting on "Walija" Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) said, "Do not confide in anybody except Allah otherwise you would not be Momin. Certainly/without doubt by every reason, every lineage, every relation, every friendship, every innovations/deviation (bidat) and every doubt will end except that which the Holy Quran will keep".

Imam Hasan Askari (AS) narrates that Walijah refers to that person who, instead of being appointed by divine authority, was made by the people. And the word Momeneen on this occasion means providers of security on behalf of Allah and those are 12 Imams (AS) and Allah will uphold their protection.

Sufiyaan bin Mohd Zabayi says that "I asked by writing a letter to Hazrat Imam Hassan-e-Askari(AS), In this Allah's saying "walam yattaqezu min doonil lahe wala rasoolehi walal momeneena walija" what does 'Walijah' means? And in my heart I wished to know who does 'momineen' refer to in this?" Hazrat Imam Hassan-e-Askari(AS) wrote in His reply " 'Walija' is deputy of 'Wali-e-Amr' and there was a question in your heart, momineen here refers to whom?, they are Aimme Tahereen (AS), who have faith in Allah and They are Us(Aimma A.S)---- reference Beharul Anwaar by Allama Majlisi(ra), jild 9, page 315.

Once someone asked Imam Hasan Askari (as): Ya Ibne Rasool Allah (sw), if Prophet's (sw) ummat, for order and administration makes one person from the ummat as their leader (peshwa), what is harm in it? Imam (as) told his Beloved Son Imam-e-Zamana (AS) [who was very young at that time] to answer this person. This Young Child (as) asked that person, "Whom ummat makes its leader, is it must for him to be a scholar (aalim and fazil)"? That person said, yes without doubt it is a must. Then Imam (as) said, is it possible that whom you thought learned and appointed, is actually a troublemaker (ahl-e-fisaad)? That person said it is possible. Then Imam (as) said, this is the reason why ummat does not have the authority to appoint any person by their own opinion and take him for granted as a learned person.

When Imam (as) is prohibiting to choose any person as a leader for order and administration, momin should think, in religious orders, how one is accepting anybody as their leader, hujjatul islam,naiibe imam? (When Imam-e-Zaman(as) has sent curse on anyone claiming to be his naaib).

It was asked to Imam Mohammed.Baquer (as), "Moula(as) what is the minimal degree of Shirk (infidelity/polytheism)?" Imam (as) replied, "adding even a single thing in religion by ourselves is Shirk". Now consider thoughtfully the conflicting fatwas of not one but more than one mujhtahdeen and self called naiib-e -imam. Should taqleed of such Mushriks (infidels) be done?

If momeneen wants to be safe from doing Shirk, here is Hzt Imam -e-Zamana(as) order: " Wa ammal hawadesil waqeata fa arjaoo fiha ila ruwate ahadisena (akhbarena) fa innahum hujjati alaikum wa ana hujjatul laha alaihim ar raado alaihe kar raado alaina war raado alaina kar raado alal laah fi haddish shirk".

In your forthcoming problems approach those people who tells our Ahadees (akhbaar) because they are Hujjat on you from our side and We are Hujjat on them from Allah's side, rejecting them is rejecting us and rejecting us is rejecting Allah, and one who rejects Allah is Mushrik (infidel).

In 1987, in Hyderabad, in the month of Muharram one fatwa was published saying that in Azaan, Shahadath (oath) of Alian waliullah (as) is not an integral part (Juz) of Azaan. If anyone recites it with the intention of it being an integral part then both his Azaan and Namaaz are Batil (incorrect). If anyone is a momin then he should consider thoughtfully that when in Wajib Namaz, by the Order of Masoomeen (as), Shahadath of Alian waliullah (as) is compulsory, then Azaan, which is Mustahib(not compulsory) , if one recites in it Shahadath of Alian waliullah (as), how does Namaz become Batil? When Tashahud given by Imam Jafer-e-Sadiq (as) is there in which Shahadath of Alian waliullah (as) is present. These mujhtahdeen's have included Alian waliullah(as) in Mubtelaat-e-Namaz( things by which Namaz becomes incorrect).[ If anyone wants to see the fatwa, refer Dr.behnaam's fatwa in Fatwe link]. After this fatwa got published my father Sarkar -e- riyazil millat (AM) and my brother Shaheed-e-Rahe Haq Saele Babul Ilm (AM) told from Pulpits (minmbars) tht if these mujhtahdeen's fatwas are not acceptable, then change your party, do not oppose remaining within the party, but become Akhbari because only Akhbari is that Only Sect which believes that the result of Rasool(sw)'s 23years of propagation(Tableegh) is Alian waliullah (as) .

The other heartbreaking thing, which happened to Shiism, was in 1995 when these Mujhtahdeen and Aalam-e-doura issued fatwas against bloodshedding in matam calling it uncivilized action, an insult to religion and bidath ---- mazallah. After this fatwa was published Sarkar Riyaz-ul-Millat(AM) and Shaheed-e-Raahe Haq (AM) criticized and cursed such fatwa givers and their followers in accordance with proofs of Masoom(AS). Not only did they criticized and cursed but under the arrangements of Anjuman-e-Alavi Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Akhbari took out a protest rally. Thus because of this protest of ours, we were boycotted and Shaheed-e-Rahe Haq Saele Babul Ilm was brutally murdered.

In view of these facts, from among the usoolies some shia people who used to proudly declare themselves as usoolies, began hating the word usooli when they did not like their practices, they do not call themselves Akhbari either but they say that "we are neither usooli nor Akhbari but only Shia". These people should know that there are many sub sects in Shias. Until one's sect (practices, ways, path, religion) is known, it will not be possible to ascertain which sub sect one belongs to like if one says Akhbari, everyone possessing intellect will immediately understand that this is that sect which acts upon Quran and Ahlebait(AS) and that shia sect which tells Ahadees-e-Masoomen(AS). When anyone says usooli, everybody will know this is that muslim sect which acts upon Quran, Hadees, Aql (intellect) and Ijma (shaikhain's characteristics).

For these people it is time to think tha twhen did Hur(as) became Hur(as)? When he came out of yazeed(la)'s army and became a part of Allah's group, that moment Imam Hussain(AS) had said : "Antal Hur Fid Duniya Wal Aakhera". How can anyone be in that group which acts upon shaikhaini characteristic and still be a Shia-ne-Ali(AS)?

Important Note: For Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Akhbari sect, during occultation of Imam-e-Zamana (AS) waging war (jihad) is saqit(not to be practiced). Moreover in religious matters, boycott, murder and destruction are a proof of helplessness/incompetence. If any so called aalims, allama, zakirs and mujtahids are ready for knowledge based debate (ilm ka jawaab ilm se) then we are ready to talk in the light of Quran and Hadees and if anyone wants to do "Mubahela" as per Nas-e-Masoom(AS) then we are ready for that also.-------

You say-Quran, Hadees, Aql(intellect) and Ijma(consenses) as sources of Law(religion) and

We will say---- only Quran and Hadees are souces of Law (Mohammedan S.W's Law or Mohammed S.W's religion)

You say--- Alian Waliullah (AS) is not an integral part of Azaan and

We will say ----- If Alian Waliullah(AS) is not an integral part of Azaan then the whole Azaan is incorrect (baatil)

You say--- blood shedding in Matam, erection of Alam-e-Mubarak, etc., as incorrect(Bidath), insult to religion and uncivilized practice and

We will say--- they are perfectly right in accordance with the religion(shariat)

You say--- taqleed of mujtahid as Ehtiyat-e-wajib, ehtiyat-e-mustahib, ehtiyat-e-laazim, etc., and

We will say--- taqleed of mujtahid was haraam, is haraam and will always be haraam.

Like for Haris bin numaan fehri, inshallah by grace of Chaharda Masoomeen(AS) Allah's curse/wrath will descend on any one of us.

Come, it is an open invitation.

Lakum Din-a-Kum Waliaddin.
Al Abd-e-Aasi,
Sael-e-Babul Yaqeen,
Syed Waheeduddin Hyder Jaffery

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