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Rewards (Sawaab) to await for Imam's Appearance (Zahoor)

 It is related to Hzt.Imam Raza(AS) that Rasool (SW) said: Among the good, virtuous (Nek)   
 practices of my Ummat one is to await for Hzt.Hujjat (AS)"s  appearance (Zahoor).

 Imam Zain-ul-Aabedeen(AS) says: In the last period (Akhri zamana) those who will be eagerly
 awaiting for Imam's (AS) Zahoor are superior to people belonging to any other age/period, and 
 these are our true friends.

 Imam Md.Baquer (AS) says: Those who awaited for Imam's (AS) Zahoor and died before 
 Zahoor  are equal to  Martyr (Shaheed).

 Imam Amirul Momeneen (AS) says: Wait for Zahoor because it is the best action/practice in 
 view of God. A person who waits for our orders is like one who has been martyred in God's path
 and wallows in his own blood.

 One day Rasool (SW) asked God: Aye, Khuda unite me with my brothers. Rasool(SW)'s
 companions (Ashaab) asked, are we not your brothers? Rasool (SW) replied, no because you are
 my ashaab. My brothers are those who will belong to last age/period and will have faith on me. 
 Even though they did not see me. Each person will be strong footed in his Deen. God will liberate
 them from all evil.

 Hzt. Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq(AS) says:  This Ayat from Quran " Hudan lil muttaqeen al lazeena
 yumenoona bil ghaib" refers to those people who have faith on Hzt.Hujaat (AS)'s occultation and
 believe in  Zahoor and say it is the truth (Haq) and will surely happen.

 Hzt.Rasool (SW) told Moula Ali(AS): Aye ALi (AS), those people who have stronger faith in
 religion will belong to the last age/period. Because they have not seen me and at that time Hujjat-
 e-Khuda (AS) will also be in occultation. In spite of this they will have faith only through Ayats and
 Akhbaar ( Ahadees).

 Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen (AS) says: whichever person who  remains firm on our Wilayat and
 friendship during Qayam (AS)'s occultation , God will bestow upon him Sawab equivalent to that
 gained by thousand martyrs of Battles of Badr and Ohad.

 Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (AS) says: Whichever person dies after awaiting for Zahoor then he is like
 a person who is in Qayam(AS)"s camp. In other place it is there that whoever dies awaiting for
 Zahoor is like a person who was martyred in the pious company of Hazrat (AS).

(Being given summarily)

1. Rulers- Cruel, unjust

2. Rich will become miser

3. Scholars (Aalim) attracted towards money/materialism

4. Beggars will be liars

5. Immoral/ Sinful old men

6. Shameless Guys

7. Woman will be ornamental

8. Scholars (Ulema) will decrease in numbers

9. People will stop giving Zakaat

10. Vile acts will be done in open, Voices will be raised in Mosques (Masjids)

11. Ilm (Knowledge) will be treated as something despicable

12. False traditions will be made popular

13. Backbiting will become common

14. Haraam will be treated as a boon

15 Elders will not be kind towards youngsters

16. Youngsters will not respect their elders. Religiousness will cease to exist, only the word
       "religion" will remain on lips

17. Namaaz will not be observed

18. Worldly desires will be followed

19. Alcohol will be used

20. Use of bad language with parents

21. Men will obey women

22. Cruelty with neighbors

23. Kindness form elder's hearts and shame from youngsters will be lost

24. Concrete houses will be built

25. Cruel treatment towards Employees/ Workers- (Ghulams & kaneezs)

26. Jealousy among siblings

27. Men will wear womanly dresses

28. Women will become immodest

29. People will become haughty

30. Carelessness about committing big sins- (gunah-e-kabeera)

31. Appreciation done for gaining money

32. Money and Jewelry will be spent on music ( music related things)

33. Unconcerned about after life

34. Abstinence will be less

35. Greed & desires will increase

36. Mischief, corruption and violence will be on rise

37. Momin will be disgraced and Munafiq  will be loved and respected

38. Azan will be recited loudly from Mosques. But their heart will be devoid of Imaan. Their faces
     will be of humans but their hearts will be like Satan's heart.
     Rasool (SW): A period will come for people wherein their faces will be of humans but hearts 
     will be Satan's (Shaitaan's). They will be like jackals. If such people are followed and made
     friends with then they will lead you into error and will sow seed of distrust in your minds. If you
     talk to them they will call you liar and if you do not share their thinking and viewpoint you will
     be bitched about by them.

39. Sunnat will be treated as Biddat and vice versa

40. Momin will be disgraced and sinful will be revered

41. Imaan will be in name only

42 People will run away from scholars (Aalims) like jackals run

43. People will not recognize an Aalim except by his grand clothes

44. Quran will be not be heard unless recited in a melodious voice

45. Prayers (Ibadath) will not be observed except in the month of Ramzan

46. Water will appear in river Saawah

47. Whole world will be filled with Kufr

48. Kuffar (non-Muslims, infidels) will overpower Muslims and subdue them

49. Islam as a religion will become old and weakened only its name will remain. Polytheism will
     spread all over

50. Quran will be recited in musical way

51. Clothes will be prided upon and glorified

52. Rainfall will not happen when it is due

53. Quari ( one who recites Quran with correct pronunciation) and Abid ( a devout) will curse on  
     each other among themselves

54. Women will form unions (committees, Anjumans) like men

55. Women's characteristics like beautifying and adorning themselves will be found in men

56. Men will become sexually involved with men (Homosexuals, gay)

57. Rich will be respected more than Imaandaar ( trustworthy, honest people)

58. Interest will be taken openly

59. Women will be proud of committing adultery

60. Men will survive on their wife's money earned through adultery

61. Hajis will  be stopped from visitng Kaaba

62. Orders will be issued against doing pilgrimage ( Ziarat)

63. Haraam will be treated as Halaal and vice versa

64. Religious orders will be changed and followed in accordance with one's desires

65. Witness given by Lovers of Ahlebait(AS) will not be accepted

66. Enmity with lovers of Ahlebait(AS) will be prided upon.


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