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Rejection of the Usuli Sect in light of the Quran and Ahadees


Those who do not give orders in accordance with what Allah sent , are non-believers. (kafir) oppressors (zalim), disobedient (na farman).

The foundation and beliefs of the usuli sect are

  • Ijtehaad (juristic expertise)

  • Rai (opinion)

  • Qiyas (guess work)

  • Istenmbaat (deducing)

  • Aql (intellect)

  • Ijmah (consensus)

  • Fallible can be an Ulil-Amr. (Supreme Authority), Imam and Naiib-e-Imam (Deputy)

  • Fallible can be a Hakim-e-Sharaah (Leader in Religion) Hujjat-ul-Islam (Proof of Islam) their obedience and their imitation/ following them (Taqleed) is legal.

Use of all the above things, for a fallible, is prohibited in Islam.

Like, Sunni's foundation and beliefs are based on Quran, Sunnat, Qiyas and Ijmah.

If any intelligent and reasonable person wants to understand then for him, tradition of Saqlain is enough, no more conclusive proofs are required. Fallible not being an authority on intellect, cannot add or subtract anything in the sayings of the infallible. Consider this, in the light of  which tradition the addition of aql and ijmah has been done?

The real reason for aql being awarded to mankind from Allah is, only to, understand Shariat (laws) and to practice on it , not to draft a new one.

Where does our aql stand, when Prophet Musa (AS) being himself so intelligent and wise could not deduce the wisdom and actions of Hazrat Qizr (AS). Prophet Mohammed (SW), by the order of the Allah, amongst us, left behind , The pride of Anmbiya and Mursaleen, Infallible Imams (AS). Such that, with reference to this incident between Hzt.Musa & Hzt.Khizr, Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) said  if I was between Musa and Qizr I would have made it clear that I was more learned then them and would have given information of those things whose knowledge was not given to them. Musa and Qizr were given knowledge about the past and not of the future and till the day of Judgment. And all this Knowledge has been passed on to us from Prophet Muhammad (SW).

Here is one more saying of an infallible, showing the use of aql (intellect), for the usooli sect, who consider their aql as Proof (Hujjat).

Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) said “Aql is that only, through which one worships Allah and gets heaven”.

When Allah rejected ijmah (consensus) of the angels then what will happen to the ijmah of the usulis?

And (Aye Rasool) when thy Lord said unto all the angels: Lo! I am about to appoint a successor on the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not [2:30]

It is there in the traditions that before the creation of Adam (AS) Allah had civilized, creatures of fire on earth in which iblis was also included, rather he was their ruler.  These creatures were insolent, disobeyed, shed blood of each other.  Then  Allah directed angels to go and destroy them ,arrest iblis and bring him back. Being in the proximity of the angles, iblis  became so obedient and devout that some angels thought him to be an angel. And when Allah made obvious his wish to place his proof on earth, then the angels comparing it with the disobedience of the previous creations, did consensus and replied to the declaration of Allah that, will you appoint on earth those who will create disturbance and shed blood and made it apparent that as they 
( angels) did worship and praise of Allah and were sanctimonious ,they had the right to be appointed. But Allah the almighty rejected the consensus of these angels, the creatures of light (Noor) by saying you do not have the knowledge of the future.

Except the infallible Imams(as), whoever, calls themselves Ulil-Amr (Supreme Authority) or deduce the laws in the religion (Istenmbath) are ignorant and will go astray. They are calumniating Allah.

                         The right to deduce laws belongs only to Infallibles


And if any tidings, whether of safety or fear, come unto 

them, they noise it abroad, whereas if they had referred it to the Prophet and to such of them possessing authority, those among them who are able to go deep into the matter would have understood it

Tafseer of

In the book Aljawmeh Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) has said
“one who deduces laws’’,  refers to, the 14 infallibles (AS).

In ‘Tafseer-e-Ayaashi’ Imam Raza (AS) says:-This verse refers to progeny of Prophet Mohammed (SW), only they can deduce laws from the Holy Quran, they know what is halal and what is haram and only they are  Allah’s Hujjat (proof) on creatures of Allah”.

In the book Akmaluddin, Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) says: - Whoever places, Wilayate Allah and those who deduce laws with divine knowledge, on any other place then Qanhaye Anmbiya (Anmbiya's position), then that person has disobeyed the order of Allah and accepted ignorant people as Ulil-Amr (Supreme Authority), who themselves are misguided, made them their guide and thought that these people can deduce laws with the help of divine knowledge….then they calumniated Allah. And got distanced from order of Allah and obeisance of Allah. And where Allah has placed his Fazl (Grace) they did not keep it there, this resulted in them leading into error and leading their followers into error too. Thus, on Judgment Day Allah will not entertain any argument from them.

In the light of this verse from Quran, consider thoughtfully how the usuli’s Waliye-Amre-muslimeen and Hujjat-ul-Islam became, as such?

Only 14 Masoomeen (AS) are Ulil Amr and Hujjat.


O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those amongst you who are in authority.

Tafseer: -In the book Ayaashi it is narrated by Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS)  “We have been specifically referred in this verse and all the momeneen have been ordered to obey us till the Day of Judgment’’.

In Kaafi, Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) narrates : - someone asked Imam ,who the successors (Ausiya) are whose obedience is our duty? Imam replied “those are they in whose favor Allah has revealed this verse :-        

“O ye who believe! Obey Allah, obey his Prophet and those amongst you who are in authority …”
and Allah also said this about them 


No one else except Allah, is your Master and his Prophet, and those who have Imaan, read prayers (Namaaz), and give Zakaat (Alms) while in the state of bowing down (rukooh).

In Kaafi, in the commentary of the above verse Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) said “The meaning of Waliekum is that in all your matters related to your life or money, more than anybody else the claim is of Allah, and His Prophet (SA) and those who are believers (Imaan laye) that is Ali (AS) and all those from among his descendants who will be Imams, till the Day of Judgment”.

 In this verse the word allazina amanu (who are believers) is very common that’s why Allah particularly stated


Note: Imam (AS) made it very clear for all the people, till the Judgment Day, that Ulil Amr can only be those who while bowing down gives Zakaat (Alms). Because by using the word ‘’allazina amanu’’ any body can say it is meant for us, as we are also the believers.

For further establishing proof we are presenting here another commentary of the above verse in which it has been described name by name about who Ulil-Amr are.

 In Maani ul Akhbaar, through Saleem bin Qais Halali it is narrated that a man asked Hazrat Ali (AS) about what is the least thing which one should know to remain safe from leading into error, Imam replied “Not knowing whose obedience is ordered by the Allah and whose authority (wilayat) has been legalized, who is the proof of him on his earth and appointed whom as the witness over his creatures’ good and bad deeds”, the man further asked O Ameerul Momineen who are they? Imam replied “they are those whom Allah has related with himself and with His Prophet (SA) and said '' Ya Ayyaohal lazeena.........minkum'', : ''O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those of you who are in authority…”. Then the man kissed the forehead of the Imam and said you have shown me the righteous path, removed all my concerns and dispelled all the doubts in my mind.

 In t       In the book Al Ikmaal it is narrated by Jaber bin Abdullah Ansari that when this verse was revealed to the Holy Prophet (SW) I enquired O Rasool Allah (SW) I have recognized Allah and his Rasool (SA) but who are these Ulil-Amr? Whose obedience, Allah has ordered, alongside your obedience. Rasool (SW) replied “ O Jaber they are my successors (Khalifa) and Imams of all the Muslims, the first will be Ali ibne abi Talib (AS) then Hassan (AS) then Hussain (AS) then Ali ibne Hussain (AS) then Mohammed ibne Ali (AS) who is referred as Baqir in torah and O Jaber you will very soon meet them, thus when you meet them, convey my salaam unto them. After them, Jaffer ibne Mohammed (AS) then Musa ibne Jaffer (AS) then Ali ibne Musa (AS) then Mohammed ibne Ali (AS) then Ali ibne Mohammed (AS) then Hassan ibne Ali (AS) and then, sharing my name, from my family, Allah’s proof in this world amongst Allah’s people, this Allah’s ibne Hassan (AS) son of Hassan (as)], will be the one, on whose hands Allah will conquer this world from East to west. And he is the one, who will remain invisible from his shias and his friends till such time that during his occultation no one except the person whose heart has been thoroughly tested by Allah will accept his Imamat.

Jaber says he
enquired O Rasool Allah (SW) will his shias be benefited by him even during his occultation? Rasool (SW) replied “Yes I swear by the one who has appointed me as the Prophet. They will get enlightened through his light (Noor) and will be benefited by his Wilayat in the same way as mankind gets benefited from the sun even while the clouds have hid it. O Jabber he is from Allah’s Israar Maknuna (Hidden one) and Uloome Maqzoona (treasure). Thus you also keep this concealed except from those who are eligible for it”.

Those who obey likewise person will be in loss.


If ye obey a man like yourselves, behold, it is certain ye will be lost.

 Issuance of Fatwa based on opinion (Rai) and Judging without knowledge is forbidden


For he commands you what is evil and shameful, and that ye should say of Allah that of which ye have no knowledge.

 Tafseer: - In Kaafi it is narrated by Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) that when he was asked about the claim (Haq) of Allah on His servants. Imam replied, “Talk only about the things which you know and be silent about things which you don’t have knowledge of”.

Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) said “Be safe from two characteristics, since whoever was ruined, was because of these two .One is avoid giving a fatwa using own opinion (rai) and other is do not give judgment when you don’t have factual knowledge”.

 Leaving those Imams whom Allah appointed as Imams, others were made Imams.

Such Imams are tyrants and their followers are oppressors


And there are some among men who take for themselves objects of worship besides Allah, whom they love as they love Allah, and those who believe are stronger in love for Allah.

Tafseer: -                                  

In Kaafi and Ayaashi it is narrated by Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS): Wallahe (I swear by Allah) in this Ayat ‘those who love’ is referred to friends of so and so (persons) who leaving the Imam, appointed by Allah for all his people, made them their Imam.
Therefore Allah Said ,


-     And O, that those who are oppressors should have seen that, which they will know at the time of punishment, that the power is wholly Allah's and that Allah is severe in punishment! 

It is further stated in tafseer that Wallahe these are the Imams who themselves are tyrants and their followers, oppressors, and the meaning of     is Progeny of Mohammed (SW).

 Whoever calls themselves Imam except the true Imam is Satan (Shaitan)



It is the fact that they have left Allah and has befriended shaitan.

Tafseer: - In Alal Sharaai Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) says: -“This verse is about those people who have left true Imams and made others as their Imams”.

 Angels Curse them, who issue fatwa without knowledge

 Giving judgment using own opinion and without knowledge, in Allah’s religion is like nullifying the religion, which is cause for destruction.

See Tafseer of Sura-e-Al eraaf, Ayat 33: -

 In Kaafi and Alkhisaal Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) says: - “Be safe from two characteristics, since whoever was ruined, was because of these two .One is, avoid giving fatwa using own opinion (rai) and other is do not give judgment when you don’t have factual knowledge”.

It is also narrated in Al Tauheed and Al Kaafi that Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) said, “Someone asked Rasool Allah (SW) what is Allah’s Hujjat on His people? He replied, “ Talk only what you know and remain silent if you do not know”.

In’ Man La Yahzarahul Fakih’ Ameerul Momineen (AS)’s, that will is written, which Moula (AS) had made to his son Mohammed Hanafia, this is part of that will-- “ O Son, do not speak all that you do not know rather do not say all of the things that you know”.

In Al-ayoun it is narrated to Hazrat Ameerul Momineen (AS) that Rasool Allah (SW) said ‘’the person who issues Fatwa, for people, without being knowledgeable, on him, all the angels on Earth and Above (aasmanoun ke) send lanath (curse).

Note: - In Usooli Sect fatwas given are based on opinion (rai) only. This is the reason that after mujtahid dies; dead mujtahid’s taqleed is not done because giver of opinions is no more. Allah’s religion is founded on Quran and Ahlebait (AS) and usooli sect have included false (baatil) religion’s Qayas (guesswork) and Ijma (consensus) in Allah’s religion.

Save yourself from deceptive Imams

Infidel and despicable Imams and their followers will wrong and oppress the true Imams. Usulis say ‘Alian waliAllah’ is not an integral part of Azaan …what more oppression and calumniation can be besides this? Avoid and beware of Usuli Sect.


One day We shall call all the groups with their  (respective) Imams.

Tafseer: - Ref: Al Majalis

 When Imam Hussain (AS) was asked about this Ayat, he said, One Imam guided onto the righteous path and some people       accepted. And one Imam lead into error, and some people accepted. Former went to Jannat (heaven) and latter to Jahannum (Hell). This is proved by this saying of Allah
(That day, one group will be in heaven and one will be in burning fire).

In Kaafi and Ay-aashi, Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) narrates when this Ayat descended, the faithful asked, “O Rasool Allah (SW) are you not the Imam for all the people?” Rasool (SW) replied, “I am Allah’s Rasool for all the people, but in near future, after me, from my progeny, Imams shall be appointed for all the people, Who will prove their claim on them, but they (true Imams) will be disbelieved and the infidel and despicable imams along with their followers will oppress the true Imams, thus whoever keeps friendship with the true Imams and obey and confirm/accept (tasdeeq karna) them will be mine and with me and very soon he will come to me. And listen carefully whoever oppresses the true Imams and calumniate them is not from me and will not be with me, he and I will have no relationship”.

It is proved by this Ayat that Usoolis are not Shias, as in their Sect they have Imams, Naiib-e-Imams. And they will curse each other.

See Tafseer of Sura-e-Ankaboot, Ayat 25

Tafseer: -

In Kaafi Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) narrates: -, “except our shias, all the other sects who made for themselves, Imams in this world on the Day of Judgment shall come in such a way that their Imams would be cursing their followers and the followers will be cursing their Imams”.

As our Fathers and Fore fathers followed them we will also do their taqleed…. making such an excuse is prohibited.

Nay! They say: "We found our fathers following a certain religion, and we do guide ourselves by their footsteps." [43:22]

Tafseer: -

In Safi, the commentary of this verse is: - As they did not possess any intellectual or copied/written proof therefore they found, their illiterate (jahil) father’s and forefather’s taqleed, as an excuse.

The first one to do guess work was Shaitan- 
Doing guesswork in religious matters is prohibited

(Sura-e-Al Eraaf Ayat12)

(Allah) said: "What prevented thee from prostrating when I commanded thee?" (Iblis) said: "I am better than he: Thou didst create me from fire, and him from clay."[7:12]

Tafseer: -  

In the books Kaafi, Ehtejaaj and Alal Sharaaii, it is narrated from Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) that when Abu Hanifa came to see him, Imam asked “O Abu Hanifa I came to know that you do guesswork in the matters of religion”, he replied in affirmative then the Imam said “Do not do guess work because the first one to do the guess work was iblis when he said’            

he guessed between fire and clay and if he have known the divinity of Adam over the burning of fire, then he would have known its greatness and cleanliness over the other”.

Apart from the True Imams (AS) whoever claims to be Imam,
his face will get blackened

And on the day of resurrection you shall see those who lied against Allah; their faces shall be blackened [39:60]

Tafseer: -

In the book Qummi, commentating on this verse Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS) said, “This will be the condition of such person who claimed to be Imam even though he was not. On this somebody asked, even if he is descendants of Hazrat Ali (AS) and Hazrat Fatima (SA)”? Imam (AS) replied, Yes even if he is from descendants of Ali (AS) and Fatima (SW).

Worshipping Ulema

That is, they (ulema) call anything Halal or Haram as per their wish and accepting this is like you have made them your God.


(Sura-e-Al Imran Ayat 63)

Aye Rasool, tell them: "O People of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than (true) Allah." If then they turn back, say ye: "Bear witness that we are the true Muslims. 

Differences in fatawas issued by usuli sect’s mujtahaden arise due to their treatment of halal and haram as per their wishes. Thus in the light of this verse they do not even remain Muslims as this does not tantamount to Allah’s obedience (Ibadat) but Mujtahid’s obedience & worship.

It means that neither we call Azeez Son of Allah nor Masih as son of Allah nor do we obey Ulema in a way to make their Halal as Haram and their Haram as Halal.

Tafseer: -

In the book ‘Majmua Albayaan’ it is narrated that when this verse was revealed


(They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of Allah [9:31])

Then Adi ibne Hatim said O Rasool Allah (SW) we never used to worship them? Rasool (SW) replied, ‘’Didn’t they use to call anything as Halal or Haram, as per their wishes and you used to accept all their sayings”, then he said yes indeed this used to happen. Rasool (SW) replied “This is what Ibadat (worship) is.

Tafseer: -

In light of this verse and its commentary by the infallible think how this Walijah (Naiib, Deputy
ً) was made, not by a person in authority, but by the people.  Because Walijah is present in the usuli sect.

What! Do you think that you will be left alone while Allah has not yet known those of you who have struggled hard and have not taken any one as an adherent besides Allah and His Messenger and the believers; and Allah is aware of what you do. [9:16]

Tafseer Al momeneen, tafseer khummi and Kafi:

Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) says, “In this Ayat Momeneen refers to Progeny of Mohammed (SW) and that is Infallible Imams (AS)”.

Walijah( Deputy): -In Kaafi while commenting on Walijah Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) said “Do not confide in anybody except Allah otherwise you would not be Momin. Certainly/Without doubt by every reason, every lineage, every relation, every friendship, every innovations/deviation (bidat) and every doubt will end except that which the Holy Quran will keep”.

Imam Hasan Askari (AS) narrates that Walijah refers to that person who, instead of being appointed by divine authority, was made by the people. And the word Momeneen on this occasion means providers of security on behalf of Allah and those are 12 Imams (AS) and Allah will uphold their protection.

Lanat (curse) on him whoever calls himself Naiib-e-Imam (deputy of Imam)

Touqi-ye-Imam-e- Zamana (AS)

In the letter Imam Zamana (AS) said “If someone claims himself as deputy of Imam (naiib-e- Imam) during occultation is a liar, ousted from Allah’s religion, calumniating Allah, he himself has gone astray and is leading others into error too. He will always be in loss. Be Curse unto him of mine, of Allah, of Allah’s Rasool (SW) and of his Progeny (AS) for every moment, and in all circumstances”.
(Refer: - Biharul Anwaar, 13th Edition, by Allama Majlisi (RA) Published & sold by Islamia, Tehran, khayaban)

The foundation of the Usuli sect is based on Ijtehad, Rai, Qiyas, and Aql. Conclusive proofs in rejection of this by Infallibles (AS)



Imam Jaffer Sadiq (AS)said in the rejection of people who give fatwa according to their opinion (rai)and guesswork(qiyas)“Without doubt when people do not know about truth (fool themselves) and felt proud about their ignorance(Jahalat) over the knowledge of Allah and they said whatever our intellect gets through reasoning is knowledge and nothing else. Thus Allah turned them, as they ought to be returned. If Allah has agreed with their Ijtehad and their opinions (rai) then He would not have sent Rasool (SW) to them. Thus whoever wants anything which is from Allah through guesswork (qiyas) and opinion (rai), then from those Allah wants to keep away”.

Nahjul Balagha- Khutba No.18 (Sermon 18)









Amir al-mu'minin said in disparagement of the differences of views in Fatawas issued by ulema.

When  a problem is put before anyone of them he passes judgment on it from his imagination. When exactly the same problem is placed before another of them he passes an opposite verdict. Then these judges go to the chief who had appointed them and he confirms all the verdicts, although their Allah is One (and the same), their Prophet is one (and the same), their Book (the Qur'an) is one (and the same).

Is it that Allah ordered them to differ and they obeyed Him? Or He prohibited them from it but they disobeyed Him? Or (is it that) Allah sent an incomplete Faith and sought their help to complete it? Or they are His partners in the affairs, so that it is their share of duty to pronounce and He has to agree? Or is it that Allah the Glorified sent a perfect faith but the Prophet fell short of conveying it and handing it over (to the people)? The fact is that Allah the Glorified says:

   . . . We have not neglected anything in the Book (Qur'an) . . . (Qur'an, 6:38)

And says that one part of the Qur'an verifies another part and that there is no divergence in it as He says:

 . . . And if it had been from any other than Allah, they would surely have found in it much discrepancy. (Qur'an, 4: 82)

Certainly the outside of the Qur'an is wonderful and its inside is deep (in meaning). Its wonders will never disappear, its amazements will never pass away and its intricacies cannot be cleared except through itself.

One of the groups in Usuli sect believes that in the matters where Ijtehad is done, for those matters lawfulness and otherwise, Halal and Haram, no specific guidelines/rules exists, but whatever is Mujtahid’s opinion (rai) becomes Allah’s order. Because orders are established only after a mujtahid gives decision based on his own outlook. If this is not there (Mujtahid’s own outlook) than the order also would not be established. And in accordance with usuli beliefs every mujtahid is right in his own opinion.

Nahjul Balagha- Khutba No.86 (Sermon 86)- Two people, one path




While the other (kind of) man is he who calls himself learned but he is not so. He has gleaned ignorance from the ignorant and misguidance from the misguided. He has set for the people a trap (made) of the ropes of deceit and untrue speech. He takes the Qur'an according to his own views and right after his passions. He makes people feel safe from big sins and takes light the serious crimes. He says that he is waiting for (clarification of) doubts but he remains plunged therein, and that he keeps aloof from innovations but actually he is immersed in them. His shape is that of a man, but his heart is that of a beast. He does not know the door of guidance to follow nor the door of misguidance to keep aloof there from. These are living dead bodies


To be continued soon... (Page Under Construction)

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