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    Rasool (SW) said ;- Hussain (AS) is from me and I am from Hussain (AS). Allah keeps them     friends who befriend Hussain (AS) and Allah keeps them enemies who do enmity with Hussain (AS).

 Without doubt we belong to Allah and have to one day go back in his presence. And, very soon, those who  have done injustice (zulm) will know which turn they will take. It is sad to note that Shiism is facing such times that these so called mujtahadeens are issuing fatawas against Ayat-e-Mawwaddat. Loving Ahlebait (AS) is the reward (Ajr) for Islam's Prophet (SW). It is requisite of love to be happy in your beloved's happiness and to mourn when your beloved is mourning/sad. Islam has laid down rules and boundaries for every Wajib and Sunnath Acts. Mourning and Celebrating, are signs of Shia, have been left on choice of discretion in love. By doing mourning for Mazloom-e-Karbala (Azadaari) we are paying our reward (Ajr). Acceptance of our Aamaal( Deeds and Practices) stands upon paying Ajr. Now if anyone wants his Namaaz, Roza, Haj, Zakaat etc.. to be accepted ( by Allah) then it is imperative (Wajib) on him that he mourns for Hussain-e-Mazloomey Karbala (AS) and do Matam and shed blood. And if you want to strengthen the roots of your outward practices (zahiri Amaal) and bring perpetuity to them then water this plant with tears and blood. Our crying for Imama Hussain(AS) reflects tyranny of the tyrants and performing of Khooni Matam every year is remaining on promise we made to Allah whose proof is "              "
Those who after making promises with Allah, break those promises and what Allah ordered to combine, they separate them. "Ahad Allah" means that promise which they gave for Allah's supremeness, Md.Mustafa (SW)'s Prophecy, Ali (AS)'s Imamat, and love for his Shias and for Karamat (miraculous action). It is there in Tafseer that Allah has given orders to fulfill one's duties towards all your relations, thus like fulfillment of one's duties towards parents is Wajib and must/obligatory, more than this Md.Mustafa (SW)'s rights/Haq is most Wajib and superior because parents nourish your body and Janab Rasool-e-Khuda(SW) will give salvation to your soul. This Ayat orders include all those people who in fulfillment of their duties are going to go against Allah's wishes.

Thus Shia is that only who remains on all promises made to Allah and among those promises, promise of Karamat is also there. Now, how to reveal it and when? This is the reason why every year during mourning period, Momin sheds blood and show their Karamat.

In our hyderabad, India, even Mominat (Ladies) do Khama Zani (shedding blood from head using Blades and Knives) some of Mujtahdeen's muqqalids are becoming heated on this. First of all its our blood that we are shedding why is anyone disturbed. Secondly who has given rights to anyone to declare what is Haraam or Halaal. See the "Nas"( proof) on bloodshedding by Mominat in Mazloom-e-Karbala (AS)'s mourning. Mominaat's are not excluded from the tafseer of the above Ayat. Till this world remains, Imam Hussain(AS)'s grief will also remain, in it are included Shahzadi Fatima Zehra (SW)'s desire/wish and Rasool(SW)'s prayers. Before occurrence of Karbala's incident, Allah made Prophets bleed and made them read Lanat (curse) on Imam-e-Hussain (AS)'s slayers. What Allah made to happen, is that act  Wajib, Sunnat, Mustaheb or Bidath ? Allah made Anmbiya and Mursaleen bleed and these Mujtahadeen's are calling bloodshedding in matam as Haraam. Does Allah makes one  do Haraam Act??

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