Rejection of Usuli Sect Akhbari and Usulis Fatwas against Hadiths Fatwas against Matam Answer these Questions
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Answer these only through Quran and Traditions (Ahadees)  

1.  What is the name of first mujtahid?

2.  Before getting the degree of ijtehad, whose taqleed the first mujtahid did?

3.  Quote an Ayat or Hadees in favour of Ijtehad?

4.  Give an Ayat or Hadees in the praise of mujtahid who is not an infallible?

5.  If the mujtahid gives a legal decision (fatwa) based on Quran and Ahadees then why do the
say “when a mujtahid dies then his legal decision is null and void”.
       (matal mufti matal fatwa) ?

6.  Why a person can’t do taqleed of a dead mujtahid?

7.  On reaching puberty, can a boy do taqleed of a dead mujtahid?

8.  Is it lawful to interpret (tafseer) Quran through ones own intellect/opinion?

9.  Is taqleed of a mujtahid lawful?

10. What is the procedure for appointing the so-called naib-e-Imam and its lawfulness?

11. If the legal decisions (fatwas) of mujtahids were given according to the Quran and    
        Traditions, then why do they differ on the same issue?

12. Did any Imam categorize the traditions (istelahat-e- Hadees) such as hasan, qavi, mursal, 
        zaiif, etc.?

13. Can any fallible person’s reasoning (aql) be an authority?

14. Give a proof on giving khums only to a mujtahid or so-called naib-e-Imam?

15. What are the characteristics of shekhein (seerat-e-shekhein), which Hazrat Imam Ali (AS)
       r ejected?

16. What are the orders of unnecessary religion (ghair zaroori deen)?

17. Why usoolies are called as usoolies ?

18. Shah Abdul Aziz Mohadis Dahalvi (sunni) in the book Tohfa-e-Ithna Ashari says, “The way
        the shias has their deputy of Imams (naib-e-Imams) by
the same proof we have the 
       deputies of Prophet (S.A) (khalifa- e-Rasool)”.
Explain its lawfulness?

19. The theory that the deputy should be equal in all aspects as the head. (AlNaibo kal
Is it right or wrong?

20. In a period where freedom of religion is there, can anybody remain shia after boycotting
        those who support Aliun Waliullah and mourning of Imam Hussain (A.S)?

21 .Practicing religion according to Hadees-e-Saqlain  (Quran and Traditions of infallible) and
        reject practicing on Intellect (Aql) and Consensus (Ijmah) makes one go to Heaven or Hell?

22 .Why does so-called Naibe Imam, always write a footnote as  “Gods knows better” (Wallah-
        o-aalam) while answering any query?

23. Is it lawful to do taqleed (unconditional surrender and follow) of 14 infallible (A.S)?

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