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Date:   Sat,8 Feb 2003 00:28:33
From:  "mm" <>

If all the answers are provided through website what will happen is it a challenge or just to create fitna in the society. If itis a challenge then what will u do if u r convinced? what will be the benifits of providing answers to u and after receiveing the ansers will u show it to ur innocent followers who doesnt even now to open the web page.


Date:      Mon,10 Feb 2003 06:56:43
Subject : Re:
"mm" <>

Bismillah hir Rehman Nir Raheem
Aali Janaab M M Ali Saheb,
Salam Aleikum,

Received your emotional mail without starting with Bismillah. Here are the answers:
1. If all the answers are provided through website what > will happen?
Ans. If answers are provided giving reference from Quran & Hadees then we will stand to be corrected.
 2. is it a challenge or just to create fitna in the society?
Ans. Ofcourse, this is our challenge in accordance with Saqlain tradition given by Rasool(PBUH) If you think it's fitna then you're blaming Rasool(PBUH). When your Mujtahid gave fatwe against shariath, against Alian Wali Ullah and Khooni Matam, and if you were a true shia then it was your duty to use this word 'fitna' for such mujhtahadeen. This is not an advice but something to think about for yourself. When Hzt.Mukhtar(RA) after taking Imam's consent went out to take revenge on qatilaane Imam Hussain(AS) then dushmane Ali(AS) had used the same word (fitna) for him. 3.If it is a challenge then what will u do if u r convinced?
 Ans. Momin gets influenced and satisfied only with references from Quran and Hadees. And, I will be thankful to you.
4. what will be the benifits of providing answers to u
Ans. When you yourself are an Aalim & so knowledgeable then you will be well aware of the benefits. Your asking such a question is surprising!
5. after receiveing the ansers will u show it to ur innocent followers who doesnt even now to open the web page.
Ans. First thing, either you got carried away emotionally and wrote this or you havent gone through the whole website because we clearly mentioned on the basis of traditions of Rasool(PBUH) that akhbaris are followers of Imam-e-Zamana(AS) and not our followers. Read our website carefully.
Sayings of Masoomeen(AS) are to be read slowly and in detail and not hastily. This is the reason that Mujtahideen made blind followers do blind Taqleed. Now for the second part, 'ur innocent followers who doesnt even now to open the web page'. This statement reflects your frustation and disappointments. How did you get to know that they cannot open the webpage? Maazallah, has any wahi descended upon you? We request you to first give answers to our questions in the website by giving references from Quran & Hadees and prove fallible (ghair-e-masoom) to be a mujtaheed and try to give atleast one Hadees or Ayat from Quran supporting aql (intellect) and ijma which is against Hadees-e-Saqlain.

Al Abd-e-Aasi
Saele Babul Yaqeen
Syed Waheed uddin Hyder Jaffery Akhbari 

Date:    12 Feb 2003 09:30:52
Subject: Re:

 i am asim i like this site this is good work by akhbaris iam not akhbari nor osooli. i am true shia but i favourakhbari sect so fi u can add mylink atur site i will be obliged thank Q


Date:    14 Feb 2003 07:25:12

Bismillahir Rehmanir Raheem
Salaam un alaikum

We are thankful to you for encouraging us and liking akhbari religion but we are unable to understand your statement that you are neither an akhbari nor a usooli but shia. There are many sects in shias who claim themselves to be correct. Atleast, tell us in whose taqleed you are because for Akhbaris taqleed is wajib(obligatory/compulsory).

Mir Lukman Ali. Akhbari-ul-maslak

Date:     Fri, 14 Feb  2003  13:11:19
From:    ”Worldwide Exchange Ltd(Mehdi Amersy)” <>       Subject: Some questions for you to answer please


My respected brothers
As Salam Alaikum & Ya Ali Madad

Even though i do not call my self Akhbari , neither am i usooli , but I totally agree with you that Taqleed can only be done of Aimma (as) not of any falliable mulla and that Ali un Wali ulla is an integral part of all acts of worship including Azaan, Aqamah, Kalma Tashahud etc etc. but, there are a few things which i need answers for  

1) How can we know if the Ahadith in Usool-e-Kafi, Man La Yahzar Al Faqeeh, Furooh Al Kafi, Bihar ul Anwar etc are authentic or not and how do we how do we separate Authentic Ahadith from weak ones ? I know we have to compare it with Quran but how can an illiterate person like me who does not know all the translation and Tafseer of Quran find out which ones are weak and which ones are authentic ?
2) About the newly developed matters like cloning, praying on a space station up in the sky ( Away from the gravity of earth) , Praying and fasting where there is sunlight 24 hrs and at places where sun does not come out at all - How do we find answers regarding the above from the traditions of Aimma (as).
3) I also know that the process of Ijtehad in usooli terms started some time in the 7th century hijri in shias but can you elaborate who was the first person who proclaimed himself as Ayatullah and Maraja ?
4) What would be your answer to people like Agha Behjud of Iran who has claimed that he is in regular touch with Imam -e-Zamana (as) and that many people have seen him speaking to someone's noor in the pulpit of a mosque ( When i quoted the last letter of imam-e-Zamana (as) negating such contacts a mulla said that its not in agha behjuds hands when to meet Imam (as) and Imam (as can meet anyone he wants at anytime ) -
5) what are your views about  Khums, Namaz-e-Eid, Namaz-e-Juma while Imam-e-zamana (as) is in Ghaibat-e-Kubra ? Please provide answers in the light of Ahadith and Quran
6) What are your views about using the Titles Imam ( As used for Khomaini), Ayatulalh , Naib-e-Imam, Hujjat Al Islam, Ayatullah al Uzma, Wali -e-Faqeeh, Ulil Amr, Rasekhona Fil Ilm etc etc ? 7) What would be the result of Using such titles for Marajas etc in the light of Holy Ahadith ?
Im sure the questions above would not be too difficult for you to answer as you would have encountered similar questions many times.

Just to let you know that i used to do taqleed of Agha seestani uptill a year back but since i have read the book Kashaf ul Haqaiq by Syed Baqar Nisar Zaidi of Karachi Pakistan i have entered the taqleed of Imam-e-Zamana (as) and have changed many things in my life - I have also realised how the Marajas fatwa goes against the Ahadith of Aimma (as) as i now have all the books of Ahadith mentioned above and consult it if i want to know about something. Are you familiar with Kashaf ul Haqaiq ? What are your views about it ? are there any flaws or mistakes in it ?
Please provide me the answers at your earliest-
 Dua Go 

Mehdi Hassan
London – UK

Date:     Wed, 19 Mar  2003  09:03:55
Subject: Re: Some questions for you to answer please

To:        Worldwide Exchange Ltd(Mehdi Amersy)” <

 Bismillahhirrahman nir raheem
Janab Mehdi Hasan Sahab

Sincere apologies for a late response. Please excuse us. I have all the answers u asked ready, with quotations from Quran & Ahadees. But let me ask u one thing before i can mail u those.... Here, whenever we file a case in Court we're asked to specify Which Sect we belong to.....It is there In ''Mohammaden Law'' that there are two sects in shia imamia ithna ashari, namely , usooli & akhbari. This is only an example to show u the significance of The sect you/I belong to. So, please tell us which sect u belong to before we can mail u those answers.
As for Akhbari.. we are the ones who do Taqleed of 14Masoomeen(AS) ONLY. ''Khabr'' is singular meaning ''Hadees"", Akhbari is its plural...followers of akhbar are Akhbari. Like we live in Hyderabad hence we can be called as Hyderabadi. Distinguishing ourselves for what we are is important.

Will be waiting for your reply.

Mir Lukman Ali Akhbari-ul-maslak


Date:     Thu, 20 Mar 2003  17:22:01
From:    ” Worldwide Exchange Ltd (Mehdi Amersy)” <>      Subject:  Some questions for you to answer please

was salam

Brother Mir Lukman Ali  

Iam somewhere in the middle of the two Akhbari'ism and Usooli'ism. I can surely say im a shia and a follower of Ahlul Bait (as) and can also confirm that i only consider the Ahadith of Aimma and Quran (as) as Hujjat for me ( I left taqleed 2 years back ) and now consider all these so called marajas as enemies of Ahlul Bait (as).
Yes i used to be an Usooli but not anymore - Ok let me except - i do not know much about Akhbari's  but i have heard that Akhbari believe that Quran has been Changed ( Im sure its a mere propaganda and is far away from truth as Quran is a Miracle in it self  and God Almighty has promised to keep it safe till Qayamat ).

Date:      Sun, 30 Mar 2003  11:16:09
Subject: Some questions for you to answer please

         Worldwide Exchange Ltd(Mehdi Amersy)” < 

Dear Mr.Mehdi Amersy,
Salam Alaikum  

Do you read/understand urdu? this is only to know if you do we will reply in urdu with references from Quran-e-Majeed. This will save our time.

 Khuda Hafiz

M Lukman Ali Akhbari-ul-Maslak

Date:    Mon, 31 Mar 2003  11:20:35
From:   ” Worldwide Exchange Ltd (Mehdi Amersy)” <>      Subject: Some questions for you to answer please

Was salam brother Luqman  
Yes i can read and understand Urdu.  

Khuda Hafiz  
Mehdi Amersy

Date:      Mon, 31 Mar 2003  11:20:35
Subject: Some questions for you to answer please
To:        Worldwide Exchange Ltd(Mehdi Amersy)” <

 Bismillahhirrahman nir raheem

 Janab Mehdi Hasan Sahab

Relief to Know that u read & understand urdu, as translating Tafseers from Quran-e-Majid was time consuming and causing delay in reply.
Coming to your mail, let us tell u that In Akhbari Sect Taqleed is wajib, but whose? This is clearly mentioned in the ''Introduction'' link of our website,  , from where u can also know the complete details about Akhbari Sect.
Let me make this clear to you that Akhbari's do believe in ''Tahreef-e-Quran''.....this is mentioned in the differences between usooli & akhbari sect link of our said website. Our belief is supported by & in accordance with Quran-e-Majeed & Ahadees. Below we are giving u references from Quran , you can also see it yourself as we are giving you the complete details.
References from Quran -e- Majeed, tarjuma by Moulana Maqbool Ahmed Sahab (RA).

1. Page No.372 Ayat 108 Tafseer 2  

"Walaqad aatayna......fiha'' :- Kaafi mein Janab Imam Md.Baquer(AS) se manqool hai ke un logoun ne aisa hi ekhtelaaf kiya tha jaisa ke us ummat ne kitabe khuda mein ekhtelaaf kiya hai. aur jiswaqt Qayam Aale Md(AS) us quran ko lekar aayenge jo unke paas hai to usmey bhi aisa hi ekhtelaaf karenge. yahantak ke un mein se baaz aadmi uska qataii inkar kardenge. aur un Hazratke hukm se sab se pehle unhi ki gardan kaati jayegi.

2. page 103 Ayat 123 Tafseer 4   

''Waantum Azzillato'' Tafseer-e-Khumi o Tafseer-e-Ayashi mein Janab Imam Jafere Sadiq(AS) se

manqhool hai ke jis haal mein Janab-e-Rasoole Khuda(SW) un mein moujood the woh log hargiz zaleel na the. balke yeh ayat is tarah naazil hui thi ''waantum zoufaaa''. Tafseer Ayashi mein unhi hazrat se manqool hai ke abubaseer ne yeh ayat un Hazrat(AS) ke saamne padhi to un Hazrat(AS) ne farmaya ke tehar jaa khuda ne is tarah naazil nahi farmaya hai balke woh yun nazzil hui hai'' waantum qaleelun'' . Aur ek riwayat mein yeh hai ke un Hazrat(AS) ne farmaya ke khuda-e-taala ne kabhi apne Rasool(SW) ko zaleel nahi kiya. aur yeh ayat is tarah naazil hui hai ''waantum qaleelun''. Masoomeen(AS) ki kaee hadeesoun mein warid hua hai ke mujahadeen-e-badr ki tadaad 313 thi.  

3. page 802 Ayat 9 Tafseer 1 [jild 2]  

''Qul ma kunto...bekum'' Tafseer-e-burhan mein janab Imam Md.Baquer(AS) ki hadeska ek hissa manqool hai ke Anhazrat(SW)par jab koi hukm nazil hota, uspar amal farmaate iske baad aur hukm aajata phir uspar amal farmate aur usi ka apne ashaab aur apni umat ko hukm farmate to log arz karte ke Ya Rasool Allah(SW) aap  hamein ek cheez ka hukm dete hain aur jab hum uskeaadi hojaate hain aur us par achchi tarah amal karne lagte hain to aap doosra hukm de dete hain. Aanhazrat(SW) us ke jawab mein khamoosh rahe yahan tak ke Khuda-e-taala ne yeh ayat nazil farmayi. usi tafseer mein Janab Imam Md.Baquer(AS) aur Janab Imam J.Sadiq(AS)  se manqool hai ke jab Aanhazrat(SW) par yeh ayat nazil hui ''qul ma kuntum....'' jis ka matlab jihad ke natayej se mutaaleq tha to khuraish ne yeh kaha ke hum us Nabi ki pairwi kis birte par karein jisko yahi khabar nahi ke uske saath kya mamla kiya jaayega aur hamare saath kya maamla kiya jaayega. ispar Khudae taala ne yeh ayat nazil farmayi ''inna fatehna laka fathan mubeenan'' beshak hum ne fateh ki tumhare liye ek khuli fateh neez unhi Hazrat(AS) se manqool hai ke in attebaoo illa ma youha ileya ka asl nuzool yun hua tha inat tabeoo illa ma uha ileya fi Aliyin yaani Ali(AS) ke baare mein jo wahi meri taraf ki jaati hai mein usi ki pairawi karta hoon.   

4. page 850 Ayat 38 Tafseer 4 Sura-e-Rehman 

''Fayomaiz......'' ....Tafseere khumi mein hai ke yeh ayat tum (shiyon) se mutaleqh hai aur matlab iska yeh hai ke jo shaqs Janab Amirul Momeneen(AS) se tawalla rakhe aur unke dushmanoun se tabarra aur allah par imaan laaye aur uske halaal ko halaal jaane aur uske haram ko haram samjhe phir gunahoun ka muratakab ho aur duniya mein touba na kare to khudae taala usko un gunahoun ke aewaz aalame barzaq mein azaab dega magar qayamat ke din (apni khabar se)woh istarah niklega ke uske zimme koi gunah na hoga jis ke mutalekh us se us din baazparaski jaye. Basharate shia mein hai ke maisara kehte hain ke main ne Janabe Imame Raza(AS) ko yeh farmate suna ke tum mein se do bhi jahannum mein na dikhaai denge nahi wallahe balke ek bhi nahi. main ne arz ki ke yeh baat kitabe khuda mein bhi hai kya?  pas Hazrat(AS) ne ek sal tak jawab na diya. maisara kehte hai ke saal bhar baad ek din main Hazrat(AS) ke saath tawaf mein tha ke yakaek farmaya aye maisara, mujhe teri falaan sawaal ke jawab dene ki ijazath aaj milihai. mein ne arz ki achcha Huzoor(AS) woh mukhaam Quran-e-majeed mein kahan hai? farmaya Surae Rehman mein hai aur woh khudae taala ka yeh qoul hai ''fayoumaezin yusalo an zanbehi minkum ins o wala jaan'' main ne arz ki is jagah minkum to nahi hai. farmaya pehli ayat jis mein ibne uday(Usman Bin Uffan) ne taghayyur kiya yehi hai aur woh khud uspar aur uske saare hawaqahoun par hujjat hai isliye ke agar is mei minkum na ho to uske yeh maana huey ke azabe khuda tamaam maqlooqe khuda se saqit hogaya. yaani us soorat mein zahiri ayat ke maanoun ke bamoujoob us din na kisi insan se uske gunahoun ki babat bazpuras hogi aur na kisi jin se. jab bazpuras hi na hogi to khudae taala kisi ko azaab bhi na dega.

 5. Page 857 Ayat 79 Tafseer 1 Surae Waqiya

 ''la yamasahu...'' ... Tahzeeb ul ehkam mein Janb Imam Moosiye Kazim(AS) se manqool hai ke mushaf ko napaak honeki halat mein na chuhwa jaaye aur janb honeki halat mein na chuhwa jaye aur na latkaya jaye ke uski dori chuhwi jaye aur na uske aur mutaleqhaat. isliye ke khuda farmata hai ''la tamasahu...'' ... ehtejaaje tabresi mein hai ke jab umar abubakr ki taraf se khaleefa banaya gaya to us ne Janabe Amir(AS) se darqhaast ki ke woh Hazrat(AS) apna quran-e-majeed awaam un naas ko de dein taake un logoun mein jo quran raaej tha us se milakar dekh len. un Hazrat(AS) se guftagoo in lafzoun mein ki '' aye Abulhasan(AS) agar aap munasib jaaney to woh quran le aayein jo abubakar ke saamne laye the taake hum sab ka uspar ijtemaa ho jaaye'' . Hazrat(AS) ne farmaya: Afsos ab uske milne ka tumhare liye koi mouqha nahi hai. Abubakar ke paas usko is liye laya tha ke tum par hujjat hojaaye aur tum qayamat ke din yeh na keh sako ke tum is se bekhabar the. na yeh keh sako ke aap usey hamare paas laye na the. warna jo quran-e-majeed mere paas hai usey to siwaye mutaharoun ke yaani ausiya ke jo meri aulad se honge aur koi chooh bhi nahi sakta. Umar ne kaha aaya us ke izhaar ka koi waqt bhi muyyaan hai?   Hazrat(AS) ne farmaya : haan, maloom hai jab meri aulad mein se Qayam Aale Md(AS) qayam honge woh usko zahir bhi karenge aur sab logoun ko usi par chalayenge aur tamaam qawaid qawaneen usi ke mutabiqh jaari honge.                                    

Khala Rasool (SW):- meri ummat 73 firqhoun mein taqseem hojaayegi sirf ek firqha naaji hoga. Agar Surae Rehman ki ayat se tehreef ko qubool na karein to qabahat yeh paida hojayegi ke sab firqhe naaji ho jayenge aur qoule Khatami Martabat(SW) ko rad karna padega.  

Will be waiting for your reply.  

Saele Babul Yaqeen Syed Wahid uddin Hyder Jaffery

Date:     Thu, 13 Feb 2003  10:59:16
From:    “<>
Subject: a very good site for halalis


asalam alai kum
this is an akhbari  and saw  akhbari .com  a very good site for halalis. may 14 masoomeen help u in bringing this site up.  pray that i die on rahey haq that is very important  


Date:     Fri, 14 Feb 2003  07:44:20
Subject: Re: a very good site for halalis

To:        “<>

Bismillahir Rehmanir Raheem
 Mr.Syed Hameed,
Salam un alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Barakatahu.  

Qala Rasool(SA) "Ya Ali(AS) La Yuhabboka Illa Waladil Halaal Wa La Yabghazoka Illa Waladil Haraam" in accordance with this Hadees when i read your letter I felt like meeting of two real brothers who were separated for a long time.  
We are passing through such turbulant times that even if one Momin having similar faith meets, it's a cause for celebration. I pray to God that batufael-e-chahrda Masomeen(AS) that yours, mine and all those who are true shias should leave this world with true imaan.  

Saelebabulyaqeen Syed Waheeduddin Hyder Jaffery Akhbari

Date:     Thu, 20 Feb 2003  16:40:04
From:    “mir hussain”<>
Subject: my thinking


    • to my thinking

    • my name is saleem

    • tell me about ZAIDI is also Usooli.  If know give me the detail about all.

    • And you have some parts,detail of all.

    • explanation of (ITHNA) ISHNA).is it right or wrong (ithna & ishna

Date:    Thu, 6 Mar 2003  07:39:38
Subject: Re: my thinking

To:       ” mir hussain”<>

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem
Salaamun Alaikum,
Janab Mir Hussain Sahab,

Ithna or Isna ashari both can be used, they being pronouns. Our website is for discussing about Akhbari Religion, please go through it you will know the difference between Akhbari & Usooli.  

Saele Babul Yaqeen Syed Waheed uddin Hyder Jaffery Akhbari

Inshallah, this link Will be updated on regular basis.....keep visiting

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