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The Foundation and Laws of The True Religion Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Rafzi Jaffery Akhbari are based On Saqlain Tradition (Hadees-e-Saqlain)

Rasool (SW) said: 

 I'm leaving amongst you two most valuable things- one is Allah's book and the other is my Progeny (Itrat, Ahlebait). These two never separates from each other. Such that they will meet me at the fountain of Kousar (Houz-e-Kausar). Whoever binds himself to these two will definitely attain salvation and whoever distances himself from these two will definitely be ruined. Till you are bounded with these two you will never ever go astray.

Hence to be safe from going astray and being disgraced, it is essential to practice on Quran and Ahlebait (AS). Neither by saying 'Hasbona Kitaballah' (only Quran is sufficient) can leave Ahlebait (AS) nor can add Intellect (Aql) and Ijma (Consensus) to these two.

 About Saqlain

Saqlain are the words uttered by a pious and Infallible mouth. Mysteries are hidden in this single word "Saqlain". If the creator of words & their meaning, The 14 infallibles (AS) have not explained Saqlain then the mystery would have remained as such. It would have remained hidden even after being apparent. If u want to see then

seeing with the strength of Imaan is true faith (Yaqeen) True faith (yaqeen) is not something wherein one agrees after seeing proof. It is in Hadith (tradition) that Saqlain is supreme creation (Aazam Maqlooqath). Quran is miracle of Prophet Mohammed (SW). About the talking Quran (Quran-e-Natiq) it is said

it is a fact that among the miracles of Prophet Mohammed (SW) one miracle is Ali (AS).

Miracle is beyond human understanding and conception, this is the proof of Prophecy (Nabuwat), Risalath and Imamath. Miracle whether by words or actions, is an order of Allah. Nabis, Rasools, Imams are the means through which it is performed.

After this vast and literal explanation, these conclusions came into fore are became evident that manifestation of miracle was done by Allah through the sayings and actions of the last Apostle of Allah. When the miracle is an order of Allah, it is obligatory for Muslims to act upon it. This was the reason that the Prophet (SW) said that whoever rejects Saqlain will definitely go astray and will become contemptible and be ruined.

Greatness of Saqlain

The Mute Quran (Quran-e-Saamith) – The verifier of 

(never will be separated till eternity) that is Hazrath Ali (AS) recited Touraith, Injeel, Zaboor, Quran and other 313 books, immediately after birth in Kaaba ( at a time when the Prophet had not recited it) this has many reasons –

1.       Divine revelation (Wahi) through Jibrael is a restraint on Prophet, not a necessity.
Divine revelations are revealed to Imam directly from Allah (Malik-e-Ilham).

2.   Prophet (SW) said 
I am the city of knowledge and Ali is it’s gate. Everything passes through the gate.

3.   There was no verifier of Quran.

4.   The Supreme and homogenous creature (fellow being) and witness was not there.

The Talking Quran (Quran-e-Natiq) – In the house of Allah when in the arms of Prophet (SW) the infinite’s perfect image (La Mahdood ka Mazhar-e-uttam) came then 

‘s seal on lips got broken. The moment Sahib-e-Idraak (master of comprehension) saw the Allah’s complete manifestation (Mazhar-e-Kaamil) Ali-e-Wali (AS) he proclaimed

Allah’s eyes, Allah’s tongue, Allah’s face, Allah’s hands, Allah’s legs, Allah’s consent, Allah’s soul. It appeared as though Ali-e-Wali (AS) was reciting the Mute Quran and Mohammed-e-Arabi (SW) was reciting the Talking Quran.

To explain the greatness of Ali-e-Wali (AS), Prophet (SW) said 

O! Ali (AS), nobody has perceived you except your creator and me. This is the reason that after seeing Ali’s (AS) position (Muqamaat-e-Ali) these usooli, motezalis, muqhassirs give verdict that Akhbaris do ‘Ghulu’(Exaggeration ). And it is a fact that usooli motezalis deny equation of Masoomeen (AS) – (Masawaath). Proof for this is the question addressed to Ayatullah al imam aqha khoi – it was asked that 

whether Ameerul Momeneen (AS) is equal in all aspects to Prophet (SW), is this saying correct or not? Any proof in support of equation (masawaat)? His reply was – 

there is no doubt, it is a fact that Prophet (SW) is greater than his successor Ameerul Momeneen (AS) – (Mazallah). This fatwa has been produced in ‘Mujhtahideen’s fatwe against Shiism’ link of this website.

Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Akhbari believe in equation of 14 Masoomeen (AS) whose proof is this tradition of Prophet (SW) – 

O’ people do not wonder I am Ali (AS) and Ali (AS) is me and all of us are Mohammed (SW). Prophet’s (SW) 23 years of preaching’s result is Saqlain tradition. But it is sad how the followers treated it…. This is something to be thought about.

Important Event of 18th Zilhij, 10th Hijri

Allah’s command – 

O! Prophet (SW) whatever has been sent to you from your Allah, convey it, if you do not do this then it would be as though you have not conveyed your prophecy at all. And, Allah will save you from evil people, no doubt Allah does not guide atheists (Munkirs).

In 23 years of work and preaching Namaz, Roza, Haj, Zaqat, Khums, Jihad, etc. orders came but Allah never changed his tone and never offered security to protect from wickedness of evil people. This shows that the most difficult deed is accepting Ali Ibne Abi Talib’s (AS) succession.

Therefore, at the ground of Ghadeer-e-khum amongst 1.25lakh gathering Prophet (SW) lifted Ali-e-Wali (AS) on his hands and announced 

whomsoever I am the Moula, this Ali (AS) is Moula to each of them. The moment this announcement of succession took place, Allah declared that Islam was completed.

Today I completed your religion for you and bestowed all My blessings on you and has chosen Islam as your religion.

In the Tafseer of ‘majma ul bayan ‘ Imam Mohammed Baquer (AS) and Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (AS) said that while returning from his last Haj, when Prophet (SW) at Ghadeer-e-khum, appointed Hazrat Ali (AS), in front of all the people present, as the leader and guide for guidance of all the people at that moment this Ayat descended after which no other command would be sent.

In ‘Kaafi’ Imam Mohammed Baquer (AS) said that one after the other commandments descended, Wilayat was the last order after which this Ayat came

which means that I have completed all laws and obligations for you, no other order will descend after this. The revelation of Islam on announcement of succession got completed meaning that the knowledge which was given to Prophet (SW) by Allah was passed by Prophet (SW) to Ali (AS) and was passed on to all the consequent successors who were to be from their children. And, when they were appointed in his place and people got the chance to know all admissible and forbidden deeds from them then people were ordered that they should refer to them (14 Masoomeen, AS) in each and every matter and should find out Halaal and Haraam from them. And, since arrangement was made for their succession one after the other. Therefore, religion was completed and blessing was whole.

Prophet (SW) after announcing his succession gave a long sermon ,two main points of which are to be presented keeping in view today’s times so that Momeneen can act upon them.

– O! Allah, you be friends with those whomsoever befriends Ali (AS) and become enemy of those whomsoever is against/opposes Ali (AS) and curse them who denies Ali (AS) and send wrath on those who refuses Ali’s (AS) rights.

This prayer of Prophet (SW) is for those who adhere to the right practices and is a curse for those who deviate from the right practices, this prayer will hold on till Qayamat (the Judgement Day). Now if anyone wants to be safe from the curse and wrath of Allah then it’s obligatory for him to love Ali Ibne Abi Talib (AS) and his Shias, should curse those who are enemies of Ali (AS) and deny Ali’s (AS) rights.

Aye people, amongst you the evident proof and place of safety, after me, which is your Imam, leader, guide, master, my brother Ali Ibne Abi Talib (AS) who is in your midst, is like me you follow him in religious things and obey him in all matters because he has the same knowledge and wisdom that was bestowed on me by Allah.

Important Note: The basic difference between Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Akhbari sect and Usooli sect is issuance of fatwe by Usoolis using own intellect, based on ones own opinion, which is bidath (deviation from the true faith). Such that, all Mujtahadeen of Usooli sect has taken a unanimous decision that the third Shahdath of Kalema is not an integral part of Azaan and Aqama. Refer Tauzihul Masael, Ayatullah al khoi, page 167, Ayatullah imam khomeini, page 146, Ayatullah syed mohammed raza al gul payegani, page 158, Ayatullah mohammed ali araki, page 176, Ayatullah syed ali hussaini seestani, page 148, and ambassador of Iran for India Dr.Behnaam   ‘Isme kithab Mecca ke qatl-e-aam ki chashm deedh gawahi’ page 10. The above mujtahadeens have published the matter which has ruined Shiism to a great extent.

In accordance with the fatwe of all Shia scholars, reading of this line (Ash hado Anna Ali an Wali Ullah) in Azaan is not obligatory and if someone includes this line as an obligation and compulsory in Azaan then his Azaan and Namaz both will be void and useless. This has been included in Azaan only as token (Tabarruk)----(Mazallah).

Ayatullah aqai syed mohsin hakim taba tabai in ‘Minahajul Saleheen’, page 203 has written that it is mustahib (which carries neither any reward nor wrath) to complete shahadat-e-Touheed and Risalath by agreeing to Ali Ibne Abi Talib’s (AS) Wilayat and he being leader (Amirul Momineen) of all Momineen.

Shia Akhbari is one who is follower, friend and supporter of Ali (AS). So let us discuss keeping in mind Usooli sect’s Ayatullah mohsin al hakim’s reasoning. He said that completing Shahadath-e-Tauheed and Risalath by Shahadath-e-Ali (AS) is mustahib. Now the question that arises here is completing Shahadath-e-Tauheed and Risalath is mustahib or wajib (compulsory)? If it is compulsory then Shahadath-e-Ali an Waliullah (AS) is also mandatory. And when Tauheed and Risalath remains incomplete without Shahadath-e-Ali an Waliullah (AS) then Azaan will also be incomplete. Think upon how this mustahib is for which Allah is telling Prophet (SW) 

meaning the result of preaching is usool and furo in which La Illaha Illallah and Mohammed ur Rasoolallah is also included, which was completed after succession announcement (Eilaan-e-Wilayat) whose obvious proof is

meaning on announcement of succession, God sent religion was complete. Now tell us if Shahadath-e-Ali an Waliullah (AS) is wajib or mustahib? It has to be agreed that Ali an Waliullah (AS) is must and an integral part which cannot be done without.

Proofs on Inclusion of Ali an Waliullah in Azaan and Aqama during the times of Prophet (SW)

In Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Akhbari sect Masoom’s saying (qoul-e-masoom), Masoom’s actions and practices (Fael-e-masoom) and Masoom’s Taqreer (the act done wherein masoom did not condemn or oppose) is proof, law and reason to act upon.

1.       Sheikh Abdullah Maraghi Misri writes in his book ‘Al Salfa Fi Amr Al Khilafa’ – Hazrath Salman-e-Farsi (RA) was reciting Ali an Wali Ullah in Azaan and Aqama, hearing which, one person told Prophet (SW) that Salman has taken Wilayat-e-Ali’s Shahadath after two Shahadaths. Prophet (SW) replied what you heard from Salman was Khair (correct, good)

2.       In the same book the above mentioned author also wrote that one day one person told Prophet (SW) that Abazar (RA) after taking Shahadath-e-Rasool (SW) says Ash hado anna Ali an Wali Ullah. Prophet (SW) replied what you heard is the fact. Have you forgotten my announcement at Ghadeer-e-Khum when I had declared Ali’s (AS) succession. 

The result of our reasonable talk is that among the objects of announcement at Ghadeer one of the important purpose was the inclusion of Ali an Wali Ullah in Azaan and Aqama. In accordance with

 it is obligatory on each and every Shia to keep on remembering and telling wilayat announcement in every manner and by all ways. 

3.       Name of book – Awwaleen Muazzin-e-Islam, Hazrath Bilaal. Written by Sayeed Ain Abedi translated by Aziz ul Hasan Jaffery published by Nasher Abbas book agency, dargah hazrath Abbas, Rustom Nagar, Lucknow – 3. Page 4. It is written that Azaan’s kalemaath and fusool are arranged according to intellect. Firstly, Allah’s jalalath and kibreaii mentioned, then witness to His oneness, then witness to Prophet’s (SW) Risalath, then Wilayat’s admission. This announcement and admission is taken from Ahde Risalath. This is neither bidath (deviation from the true faith) nor ekhteraa (Invention).

Such that one top scholar belonging to Sunni sect Abul laes Harwi writes in his book ‘Riyazul Saadeqeen’ that – during Prophet’s (SW) lifetime, in between 6 or 9 months this kalema was used in Azaan for five times. But, rafzis meddled and used these kalemath in every Azaan and Aqama. Actually they don’t know this order was cancelled. Prominent elders and sahaaba never used these words. During their reign if anybody dared to use this kalemath then hazrath umer used to punish him hard.

 It is clear from the above that during Prophet’s (SW) times this Kalema was taken in Azaan, during the period of 6 to 9 months, if only for five times. If this was not an integral part of Azaan then it was obligatory on Prophet (SW) to say so and prohibit/stop anyone using it as such.

 Shiism passed through turbulent times, when during Prophet’s (SW) period punishments were meted out, then how will you get ‘Nas’ (proof/evidence) on ‘Ali an Waliullah’ in the books. Even if one tradition (Hadees) or Riwayath have reached us then we should be thankful to Allah for this and act upon it, instead of calling oneself Shia but issuing fatwe against Ali an Waliullah thus rendering Azaan and Aqama useless.

Important Event of 28th Safar 11th Hijri

Aye, Rasool(SW), you are a Warner,. and to every people there is a guide.

Keeping in view this ayath from Quran, before onset of death, Prophet (SW) said “Bring paper and ink, so that I write who my successor, guide and deputy is. One declared. “Hasbona Kitab Allah” Allah’s book is enough for us. If Allah’s book was enough for guidance, they did not remain even on this neither did act upon (or in accordance with) Quran nor took/accepted the complete Quran. See, the revolution within few days. On 28 Safar, 11 Hijri Prophet (SW) died. Ali Ibne Abi Talib (AS) was busy in mourning and making arrangements for burial. Hzt. Abu Bakr and Hzt. Umar leaving Prophet’s (SW) dead body, gathered people in Saqeeqa Bani Saaeda, forgetting order of Allah and his Prophet, and through consensus appointed Hzt. Abu Bakr as successor. From this point only, ijhtehad’s foundation was laid and in Allah’s religion (Islam), use of consensus (ijma) and own intellect (Aql) began.

Whatever Prophet (SW) gives you, accept that, and from whatever he prohibits you, abstain from it. Non-practicing of this ayath resulted in

Prophet (SW) said, Aye Ali, after my demise, my ummat (followers) will be divided into 73 sects. Among these, only one sect will be naaji (who will go to heaven) and the rest will be naari (who will go to hell). Naaji sect’s characteristic will be that they will accept/agree to Wiliayat of all of you and will acquire ilm from you all and will not act on their own opinion.

The True Religion Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Rafzi Jaffery Akhbari – An Insight

  The reason for us being called by many names like Shia, Imamia, Ithna Ashari, Rafzi, Jaffery, Akhbari is that in the past only those people who used to practice on Quran and Ahlebayt (AS) were called Shia Imamia Rafzi. But, since the start/introduction of Ilm-e-Usool-e-Fiqh and Darayath fil hadees during Abu Hanifa’s period, for which, Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq (AS) says “My ancestors’ religion (deen) got ruined”, from here only Usooli sect’s foundation was laid who like ‘aama’ practice on kitab (book), sunnath (tradition), Aql (intellect) and ijma (consensus). The harm that happened to us Shias was by these usooli people using Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Rafzi Jaffery along with their names. But by use of ijhtehad in religion and by support of intellect and consensus (whose founders are sheikhain) brought change in the laws of Sharya and practiced on them and by bringing pressure on momeneen through ijhtehad, made practice on these as obligatory for them when usoolis added Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Rafzi Jaffery to their names even though they are neither Shia-ne-Ali (AS) nor Ithna Ashari (followers of 12 Imams (AS)) but is one of the sects belonging to muslims.  Refer Ferozul lughaat, Naseemul lughaat, Talimul lughaat (Urdu Dictionaries)- Usooli is that muslim sect who do Taqleed-e-Mujhtehad. Hence it became necessary for us to tell that we are not the ones to act upon ‘Seerath-e-Sheikhain’ (characteristics of sheikhain) and to show that we the true Shias that is Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Rafzi Jaffery and are separate from these Usoolis we started calling ourselves Akhbaris. This one word ‘Akhbari’ contains both Tawalla and Tabarra. 

Akhbari means – ‘Khabr’ is singular, its plural is ‘Akhbar’. In relation to Akhbar is ‘Akhbari’.

Not only do we agree and accept Akhbar-e-Ilahiya and Masoomeen (AS) but also practice on them. We obey  (Itaat) and follow(Taqleed) only them. Refer Ferozul lughaat, Naseemul lughaat, Talimul lughaat (Urdu Dictionaries) – Akhbari refers to that sect of Shia pertaining to ‘Akhbar’, who do not do Taqleed of Ulema.

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