Announcement for the people of Shia Imamia ithna ashari

Among the shia sect, what are the differences between Usooli & Akhbari that had led to a discord between them?

To end this confusion & to unveil the truths under the guidance of Quran & Hadees Saelebabulyaqeen is ready to have a discussion with the head of Majlis e Ulooma & Zakereen Hyderabad Deccan & also with all Usooli Ulemas & mujthaedeens on Saturday the 9th of June 2007 at Alawe Sartauq-e-Mubarak, Darulshifa.

(Will wait from 8pm till 10pm)

An Aalim is one who passes his jurisdiction under the guidance of Quran & Hadees but not by means of boycott, using gunda elements, murder, etc. All these things is the proof of helplessness of you people.

The discussion will be held on the following topics:

1) Did Rasool-e-Quda(SA) presented among us Quran & Hadees OR Quran – Hadees – Aql – Ijmah.

2) What is the Law for Shias?

3) Can Non-Masoom be a Nayab-e-Imam or Imam? Also what is the difference between Nayab-e-Rasool and Nayab-e-Imam?

4) Any one hadees glorifying a Mujtahid?

5) Any hadees on doing taqleed of a mujtahid. Who was the first mujtahid? And till he reached the norms of ijtihad, whose taqleed did he do?

6) Did Rasool-e-Quda(SA) has passed on the Complete Deen or ma’azallah He did not? If he has given the Complete Deen then what’s the meaning of new masa’el?

7) What is Shia Personal Law? Do Shia Law give permission for this?

8) What is the basis for differences among fatwas of mujtahedeens? If the fatwa is issued under the guidance of Quran & Hadees then why is their a difference?

9) Can the person who gives fatwas against Azadari Hussain(AS)-e-Mazloom-e-Karbala and Khooni Matam be called as Shia-e-Ali(AS). For the above type of person, is it correct to perform Isaale sawab, Fateha Khwani or Majlis?

10) Ali(AS)-an-waliullah is not a part of Azan ¬– Explain this using any hadees as proof.

All Shia persons please attend and after hearing the discussion decide on the Right & Wrong paths.

IMP. NOTICE: Employees of Wakf Board, Minister of Minority Affairs Mr. Mohd. Ali Shabbir, Persons of authority in Police force and Akhbari Community are requested to attend the discussion.

NOTICE FROM: Anjuman-e-Alavi Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari (Akhbari) Registered. 22-3-885, Koche Saelebabulilm, Darulshifa, Hyderabad.